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Globe’s not-so-super plan

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My super unli plan has never been particularly super, and apparently it’s not even going to be unlimited anymore either.

According to Rappler.com, Globe Telecommunications Inc is considering a cap on its unlimited data offerings.

“Unli plans for data will have to be tempered because it is very difficult to keep investing in the network without getting paid for it. In All-You-Can-Eat plans there tends to be a high propensity for abuse.” — Ernest Cu, President and CEO

What is this nonsense about abuse? Isn’t the point of an unlimited data plan that it’s, y’know, UNLIMITED? What are you really saying, Globe? That:

    1. You didn’t realize that people would maximize their unlimited data plans? It’s like you’ve never seen the way people behave at an eat-all-you can buffet. If you tell people to eat all they can, they will, and it’s will be your fault, not theirs, if you run out of food. Isn’t it a totally reasonable assumption that people would want to get the most out of a service, i.e. it’s unlimited so they will use it all the live long day?
    2. You’re not making enough money? First of all, I find that hard to believe. Second, if that’s the case, why don’t you charge more for unlimited data plans? There are people like me who would gladly pay more for the service. Assuming it’s good. Which most of the time it really isn’t. You should do something about that.
    3. Your network can’t handle all the usage? In which case you shouldn’t have offered unlimited data plans in the first place. Or you could make the needed improvements to your network.

Yes, this upsets me because I’m probably among the 5% percent who use up 80% of Globe’s bandwidth. As someone whose job involves a lot of fieldwork, I use my unlimited data plan to communicate with my coworkers and professional contacts through email and instant messaging when I’m not in the office. But I also use it just as much for fun. So what if I’m hogging the bandwidth to upload pseudo-artsy photos of my breakfast to Instagram? I pay to use this service. That’s not “abuse” or “irresponsible” use, that’s just getting what I pay for.

Update: A friend who works at Globe says, “It’s not true about discontinuing unlimited offers. Labo nga yun. Kakabalik lang ng Immortal.” She thinks there’s an official statement about it, but if there is, I can’t find it on Google. Regarding Mr. Cu’s statements about “abusers” and “irresponsible users” she says, “Not friends w/ the boss so I dunno exactly what he said.” I will continue to be huffy about these statements until I have reason not to be.


Written by Aissa

February 17, 2012 at 11:45 pm

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