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Jesse Robredo for DILG Secretary

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As a student of political economy, Mayor Robredo’s transformational leadership in Naga City left a huge impression on me. I read this journal article in college and it was the first of many lessons that would lead me to firmly believe that there is hope for the Philippines. This conviction fuels my work in education, responsible citizenship and good governance.

I do development work as part of Synergeia Foundation, an organization that has Mayor Robredo among its esteemed trustees. For the last eight years Synergeia has been empowering local communities to practice participatory governance in education, drawing lessons from the Naga experience. We’ve made it work in 168 cities and municipalities all over the country, including ARMM. We believe there’s no reason it can’t work in the remaining 1,466 — especially if Mayor Robredo were at the helm of DILG.

Synergeia’s president and CEO, Dr. Milwida M. Guevara, said it best when she listed Ten Reasons Why It is Best for the Country to Have Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo as DILG Secretary:

  1. He leads by example. He is honest, competent and just.
  2. He will institute accountability. Measures of performance for local government officials will be defined. Good officials will be rewarded and non-performers will be sanctioned.
  3. All the operations of DILG will be made transparent.
  4. He will inspire and mentor mayors on how to translate participatory governance from an idea to being real.
  5. He is a visionary and thinks outside the box. He has the proven capacity to develop programs to solve red tape and bureaucratic procedures.
  6. He will give dignity to every Filipino by defining public services that each resident is entitled to as well the standards within which they should be delivered.
  7. He will work with non-governmental organizations, people’s organizations and civil society in providing oversight on the performance of local government officials and DILG personnel.
  8. He is thrifty and will see to it that the DILG’s budget will be cost-effective.
  9. He will has the engineering skills to simplify processes and translate them into computerized processes that will streamline operations and decision-making.
  10. He makes us proud of being a Filipino because he is outstanding in every way.

Mayor Robredo, ang laban mo, laban naming mga Pilipino.

Find out more about Mayor Robredo on the Support Mayor Jesse Robredo for DILG Secretary Facebook page.


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  1. […] I continue to have nothing but the utmost respect and unwavering support for Sec. Robredo. […]

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