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HR 1109

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House rams through Con-ass resolution (Inquirer.net)

Approval of House Resolution No. 1109 empowered Congress to convene itself into a Con-ass in which members of the House and the Senate would vote jointly—not separately—to amend the 1987 Constitution.

…one of the sponsors of the resolution had admitted on the floor that the “whereas clause” in the resolution that prohibits the term extension of the incumbent president and vice president, senators, congressmen, mayors and other elected officials whose term will expire in 2010, and that there would be elections in 2010 was “not binding.”

This is what Jose Rizal meant when he said an immoral government is matched by a people without morals; an administration without conscience, by grasping and slavish townsmen. “The slave is the image of his master: the country, of its government.” (El Filibusterismo)

Look in the mirror, Philippines. We elected these people into office, we only have ourselves to blame.


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