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Pagbilao PMT Workshop

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The Pagbilao PMT

We’re moving forward in Pagbilao, slowly but surely. Last year I had such a hard time just getting someone from the LGU to talk to me, now we have a multi-sectoral Project Management Team (PMT) and we’re collaborating on an education program. Getting a new project off the ground is an experience similar to what I imagine birthing a child must feel like.

Setting up before the participants arrive, conducting the workshop

I conducted a workshop with the new PMT yesterday, whose members were handpicked by the Mayor to represent the different education stakeholders in society. The team is comprised of principals and teachers from both public and private schools, DepEd supervisors, the PTCA president, the SK chairman, the municipal administrator and planning and development coordinator from the LGU, the president of the chamber of commerce, and representatives from various social organizations including the senior citizens’ group. It’s such a great mix. The members each bring something unique to the table, and with their combined talents, resources and spheres of influence, I think we can achieve great things in Pagbilao.

DepEd presents a situationer

Pagbilao’s problems in education are not unique. The PMT identified low achievement test scores, low survival rate, high drop out rate, lack of instructional materials, lack of training for teachers, no home-school collaboration, parents who are not actively involved in their children’s studies as some of their major issues. They decided to conduct a series of assessment tests and surveys to determine the extent of the problems, and the data gathered will serve as the basis for refining their work program. There were lots of interesting insights and suggestions that emerged yesterday, and I’m really excited about putting them all together.

Cynthia from Team Energy, Ivy and I with Team Energy’s powerplant in the background

I never mind having to get up at 3:00 am and spending hours on the road to get to Pagbilao. I’m just happy that with each visit we make incremental progress. It feels great to be working with people who are so eager and so committed to education reform. Plus, Team Energy is such a gracious host and the VIP treatment we get at Bayview is a nice perk. Buffet breakfast and lunch FTW! I’m awfully cheap. You can work me to death for as long as you feed me.

Brigada Eskwela

In the afternoon we visted Pagbilao Central School to drop off supplies for Brigada Eskwela (National Schools Maintenance Week). Posing above with the brushes and cans of paint are teachers, Team Energy volunteers and the DepEd district supervisor.


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