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Marriage Proposal on Multiply

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I get messaged a lot by random white guys, and you’d think I’d be used to it by now, but they still manage to surprise me. They just keep getting weirder and weirder.

Woman of my dreams,

Do you believe that “reality” can limit has what we perceive, believe today, all the more with the last discoveries of point, like that of astrophysics, of Laurent Nottale for example, by its multivers (universe in onion skins, nests of dolls or parallel universes), or that of the theory of the cords and the great M?

We thus know never what is really possible and impossible. Also, we can be in this existence, as we can already have been it in another, or several other former existences, like being it currently in a parallel universe and to be it still in one or more future lives.

For me, by what I “reached”, that is an obvious truth but it is also field of what Buddhism names Mâyâ (Illusion) , by the wheel of died and the rebirths, and I acted, with many others, so that the whole of “expressed” is released some.

The love is the only guide. It includes the respect, freedom, the tolerance and excludes all negative behavior, like wanting to direct the others or to oblige them in a conditioned sociocultural behavior. The love prevents any domination on the other, like that of the adults on the children. (1) But especially, it is the guide which allows the passage and the guard of the failure, compared to oneself initially then with respect to the others. Then the possibilities come from the truth and freedom.

I am Enz, French painter, sculptor, designer, writer: frontier runner towards the shore. I want the division, without any exclusion, which is of geographical origin, social background, sex, age, generation, mentality, temperament… Each one can bring so much has each one. And it division is richer by the differences.

I must however say to you that, from my existential course, my individuation to reach it to Oneself, to employ the terminology of analytical psychology, or my alchemy “to carry out” the Philosopher’s stone, to speak about the Philosopher’s stone, or Wuxing, according to Chinese Zen, Mushin for Japanese, I am carrying a new ethics which makes all the more inadequate and alienating old morals.

I currently live in a village of France, at two hours of Paris. I also wish to have a residence and a workshop is in the United States, or in China or in a country of Asia, or that of the person with whom I will be accessory in the existence. I seek also the accomplice who could be my partner in my businesses related to my art and my writings.

You can be my wife, but you can also be my partner responsible for the businesses. In effect, I want to develop my activity by creations of great achievements for the companies, the department stores, and will cetera, and in the reproduction of my creations on utility supports (clothing, linen, crockery, pottery, furniture, and will cetera…). I currently seek investors.

I kiss you very pretty Aissa, with the hope which you will become my wife.


(1) To read “For decoloniser the child”, Gerald MENDEL, ED. Small Payot library)


Written by Aissa

June 17, 2008 at 8:21 pm

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