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Social Networking Sleazebags Part 2

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I don’t even want to know what makes me such a magnet for the rich-white-and-desperate. I’m hoping it’s just because I’m female and I’m from the Philippines, and not because I exude the air of the exotic Angeles City bar girl whom the foreigners tend to fancy. Whatever it is, it’s not flattering.

This guy messages me on Facebook, “Hi, are you an actor?” I inform him that I am no such thing. He informs me that he is. O RLY?

Upon discovering that I am a teacher, he tells me that he’d like my opinion on a film script he’s working on that will focus on “the transnational lives of Filipino’s [sic] from the Philippines to America.” He asks me to “share some past stories that are translatable to the Philippine-American uprooting and settling process or Coming to America Experience.”

I tell him that I have no such experiences, since I’ve never lived in the United States. I’ve traveled there, but America is so familiar to me that I can’t say I underwent any sort of social adjustment or experienced any kind of culture shock. I suspect bullshit, but I’m polite. I even venture to be helpful, on the off chance that he actually is working on such a project. I tell him that he should seek out the Filipino communities in his area (he lives in California) and interview them. A little Internet research/asking around on his part will easily lead him to them. Another way to find them is to go to the Catholic churches and the universities. I give him a bunch of references on migration studies and some other useful information that he isn’t terribly interested in.

It becomes clear that he’s interested in me, not my advice on his alleged research. I ignore all succeeding messages. He repeatedly tries to add me as a friend and I reject the request each time. He can’t seem to take a hint.



Written by Aissa

April 8, 2008 at 12:27 am

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