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2nd TAGCOM Convention

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Ry and I didn’t stay long, because it was hot and tightly packed and we’ve put a moratorium on buying toys and comics. Also, I need to stop being seen at these things because apparently there’s this rumor among my students that I cosplay. I’ll admit that cosplay appeals to me on some level, but I’ve never done it (Halloween doesn’t count) and I probably never will, because most cosplayers are weird and creepy and I don’t want to be lumped in the same category as them. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be associated with fat girls in Kool-Aid-colored wigs and revealing outfits eight sizes too small, who’re in character all the time and who, in shrill, high-pitched voices that could shatter glass, blurt out random Japanese phrases while standing in line at McDonald’s. (In the same way that I’m a Star Trek fan but Trekkies freak me out when they converse in Klingon.) I appreciate the effort that goes into cosplaying though, and some of the costumes last Saturday were pretty awesome.

That’s a little girl whose costume was made by her Transformers geek dad.

Iron Man at the food court

What is it with cross-dressers and Sailormoon?
At another con I went to last year this guy dressed as a Sailormoon character got on stage, lifted his skirt and flashed the audience. I’ve been extra wary of Sailormoon fans since.

Overheard at TAGCOM: Uy, tingnan mo o, si Pinocchio.

B1 and B2

Hard Gay – was there ever a name more apt for a visual?
The hotpants that went with that outfit were reminiscent of Bim’s infamous “sexy shorts”.

Bim’s coverage of the event for Comicology here.


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March 9, 2008 at 11:32 am

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