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Social Networking Sleazebags Part 1

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Some of the messages I’ve received over the weekend from random white dudes:

    His profile reads: i am 44yrs old whith blue eyes and lite browm hair.i am 5’8 and averadge to stocky build. I like sports,a great thick stake, cold beer on a hot day,the beach at night.bbq’s with friends allways a good time
  2. you are my kind of woman… i am coming… to manila is three months. i have a lovely flower there already, lik you, but maybe we can all do a switcheroo…
  3. This last guy is an an American living in the Philippines. I exchanged a few messages with him because he seemed semi-interesting and he wasn’t looking to hook up or whatever. He just wanted to talk about social and political issues.
  4. But after a while he started to get annoying, accusing me of being “a member of the jaded, condescending Pinoy elites” who lacked “Pinoy-populist credentials” and boasting about his …insane loathing of Greenbelt; my preference for riding the MRT, jeeps and buses over cabs and chauffeured vehicles; or the fact that my greatest experiences in the Philippines were in Bicol, using jeepneys to hop between churches, volcanoes and rainforests, and ending each day with the best damn turo-turo ever.I told him that I’m unapologetic about my “elite/elitist background,” and I think that adopting “masa” affectations when I come from an upper middle class family and was educated at expensive private schools would be absurdly pretentious. One doesn’t require “populist credentials” to be concerned about the plight of the masses, to see oneself as part of a larger social fabric, and to feel a sense of responsibility towards one’s nation and one’s people.

    He sent me a few more messages saying he wanted to meet up and get to know me better, which I ignored. His last message read, you’re so conyo and you served the most corrupt regime in the history of Southeast Asia

    I replied, If “conyo” means I’m comfortable with my upper middle class background, then so be it. Taking public transport and eating street food doesn’t make you one with the masses and you need to get over your ridiculous bourgeoisie guilt instead of trying to drag down other people with you.You should instead take the time you’ve been using to obsess over me to brush up on your history, so that next time you can make a factual claim about Southeast Asian regimes. Also, corrupt or not, all governments need civil servants to accomplish various tasks necessary for the survival of the country. Administrators, accountants, lawyers, policy analysts, clerks etc. need to do their jobs regardless of who’s in power, because ordinary citizens need licenses, permits, and a variety of social services. A state is not anthropomorphic and cannot be equated to its chief executive.

    I have no time or patience for your nonsense. Please don’t contact me again.


Written by Aissa

February 12, 2008 at 5:40 pm

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