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I hardly ever log on to Friendster, and when I finally do, I find this:

J wrote: hi.. i really find you cute.. and i hope it’s not too forward if i ask you’re interested with a fuck buddy.. just good clean sex.. no strings attached.. if you are maybe you can leave me your number and we can arrange a meeting in confidence.. my email is jx_alan@yahoo.com if you want to add me up friendster or contact me.


Ice wrote: I, on the other hand, find you completely repulsive. And is there any particular reason why none of your pictures show your face?

J wrote: since you already find me repulsive, whatever face is there won’t make a difference right? would’ve been cool if you were interested though…

Ice wrote: Well, you’re right, it wouldn’t make a difference. But it could be entertaining.

J wrote: i always fig’rd imagining how grotesque the front might be more entertaining for ya.. anyway sorry for being too forward.. was honest anyway right? just didn’t want to go all “hi-could-we-be-friends” crap and go all psycho stalker-ish.. hope you reconsider.. was hoping for a mutually benefiting adventurous arrangement that is both satisfying and enriching.. p.s. it’s not the grotesque but not brad pitt either.


Written by Aissa

April 22, 2005 at 4:19 pm

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